Improve your relationship with your pet

We all hear or read or see the cautions about bringing a pet into your home during the holidays. As I write this post, Christmas is coming up fast.

Even when your pet has been with the family for sometime, there are changes because of the holidays that will affect your pet.

Why holidays are different

  • Some people like to travel during the holidays. If you are one of those, you may think that bringing your pet along is the solution. For some pets, it might be. For others, bringing your pet along will not only make your pet miserable but it will cause issues for you and your loved ones. The pets can have trouble adjusting to new surroundings and people.
  • Some people like to have family or friends come to them and not all of them will love your pet the way you do. If your pet doesn’t easily adjust to new people, they may act out or become aggressive or shy when that isn’t their normal demeanor. For pets that are aggressive or shy by nature, you will compound the problem with a household full of new people.
  • Some people stay in town but are out and about more than usual. Their pets get lonely or miss meals because the schedule has changed.
  • Some people’s decorations are attractive to the animals and you need to find ways to keep your carefully displayed Christmas decorations out of the reach of your furry friend.

Heide’s Pet Care Solutions for you

Heide’s Pet Care can help you through the holidays with a minimal amount of stress — at least not added stress from your pet. If you explore my solutions, you may find that one or more of my services will solve your problems.

  • If your pet doesn’t travel well, consider making a reservation at Heide’s Pet Care bed and breakfast. It is designed to be a home-like atmosphere that lets you enjoy your visits away with friends or family while making sure your pet is safe.
  • If you would rather a professional took care of your pets while you are gone or out at a holiday party, perhaps you would benefit from my Heide’s Pet Care In-your-home Pet Care.
  • If you just need a break from your pet for a day, perhaps my Heide’s Pet Care Doggie Day Care would help you cope with the holidays and your pet will have a great time.
  • If your pet is just a little out of control and you want him to understand the “leave-it” command or just be engaged in better activities, you might want to consider Heide’s Pet Care training program which can be part of the Heide’s Pet Care In-your-home Pet Care.

Heide’s Pet Care solutions work all year around but you may want to think about some options right now during this special time of the year. Or perhaps you have a family member who really needs my help? Inquire about my gift certificate program so you can gift your friend or family member with services that they really will value!

Curious as to how Heide’s Pet Care solutions will work for you? Contact me for more information and schedules.