Heide’s Pet Care Picks of Top Doggie Toys at Katzenbarkers

Cid - I love KatzenbarkersIf you are looking for a new toy for your dog, you will find a vast selection at Katzenbarkers. I especially like shopping at Katzenbarkers because they promise:
Katzenbarkers is passionate about finding the healthiest food and treats available. You can rest assured that much thought goes into every product we bring into the store. We would never sell anything that we wouldn’t give our own pets.
Dogs need the stimulation of toys as part of every day. When I work with a client’s dog, I use toys as part of my Heide’s Pet Care training program and you can too!

Heide’s Pet Care Fav. #1: The Merrick Bones.

These bones are tough!!! Tough enough to last several hours if not several to many days.  They come in natural and smoked.  Some dog’s digestive system have a hard time with the smoke flavor so you may want to try both and see what happens.  I buy them for gifts and have some at the house and the bones are some of the first items the dogs go for!

Squeak a little peanut butter in them or their favorite soft food in the crevices and yummy!  I wash them, boil them and the dogs still like them.  If you wish to flavor them up, rough them up a bit and boil them in a plain gravy or sodium free bouillon.

Heide’s Pet Care Fav. #2: the Huggle Hound squeaky blue bird toy!!!

It is so cute to us humans and the doggies love the squeak and when it bounces it bounces in different directions.  For a cute toy it is durable and the squeaker is surviving after many squeaks too!

Will - Where's the beefHeide’s Pet Care Fav. #3:  All the Nina Ottoson toys.

They are a bit more pricey than some of the plastic ones but VERY durable.  The pegs move freely, they rotate smoothly and did I mention durable!  I have seen many of my client’s toss them in the air to try and get the kibble treats out, and the toy does not break= Yay!!!

Heide’s Pet Care Fav. #4: What is really cool – the ball I call the “Crazy Ball”

It is yellow & black and little pieces of kibble come out when the dog rolls it.  And some of the larger dogs try to chew it and when it becomes narly my husband sands the rough edges and we are ready to roll again!!

These are just a few – please share with me as to what some of your favorite Katzenbarker toys are.

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