What’s the Scoop… with Poop?

Will - what did you sayHere’s a little humorous poem to get you thinking about your dog and his nutritional needs. As a dog trainer and pet care specialist, I constantly run into dogs and cats who have nutritional needs or are not feeling good. They may have diarrhea or pudding stools but whatever is going on will show up there.

The care I provide to my clients at Heide’s Pet Care is to alert them to potential health problems and tell them when veterinary advice is necessary. The poem gives you some places to start, but the point is to not ignore this issue. Your pet depends on you!

What’s the Scoop….. with Poop

Is it normal, is it not

Is it soft or a lot.

What’s inside it, What take a look?

Pick it apart , you crazy..

All that gook??

How gross to do this- the dog is fine,

Has clear eyes, his coat does shine!


OK so he eats grass every time we’re out –

He’s not a cow – what’s that about?


Yes, she scooches her butt across my rug

OK so maybe she’s got a bug?

A bug you say –  where in her stool?

Long, white, moves, Ewww, NOT cool.


My dog hardly eats he just nibbles.

his stomach growls and out comes the kibbles.

OMG here it comes- not normal I can’t look

Oh, I’m sure he’ll get better, now back to my book.


My dog smells and not from her mouth

I guess I need to peek further south


Now it scooches, licks, stinks, has bugs,

tummy growling and droppings like soup

I guess I should have taken interest in poop.


Off we go to the vet again, tests, meds

new food to try.

Too much money I wanna cry!

Next time I’ll watch and take a look-

I can always go back later & read my book.

What’s next? How to start thinking about care for your dog?

Yes, some of the first questions I may ask if your dog is ill is what does the poop look like.  We are what we eat and yes what we eat also needs to come out, well…. except the nutrients.  If humans are not feeling well  we can verbally communicate but our dog can not.  It is up to you to pay attention to their stools, teeth, eyes, nose, ears and their coat.  Proper nutrition is a major key!

The follow-up post to this one will give you even more specific tips on what to do for your dog’s nutrition and how to determine if your dog has a problem.

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