Why your dog needs to be outside even when it is COLD!

Yes, it is cold outside and there is snow.  This is nothing new to us Wisconsinites and should not be to our dogs.  What I am witnessing is the humans in the dog’s life determine what the dog likes and is capable of doing. Those people who use my services for training or walking their dog know I don’t care if it is snowing, raining, sunshine or just a great beautiful day, ALL DOGS GO OUT!

Don’t pass your bad attitude about the cold onto your dog!

I hear people say, “oh, my dog doesn’t like to take walks in the snow or my dog never goes out in the rain.”  How do you know? Give them a chance! If you don’t want to do it, more than likely your dog isn’t going to do it either and your poor dog could be missing out on what is natural to a dog!

Our attitudes and behaviors determine many of the behaviors our dog exhibits. If you make light of weather and approach it with a take charge let’s- go out attitude, so will they. In time they accept the outdoor elements much better and all dogs should experience all the elements, which includes young to old dogs.

Their coats are different than our skin. Many dogs can tolerate the cold, rain and wind. The more they are treated and respected as a dog NOT human, the less issues of anxiety and neurotic behaviors your dog may have.

Puppies and elders should have the same exposure but because of age or a health condition (any age) the exposures may need to be lessened. Dogs that don’t go outside much or have this ingrained behavior will more than likely have potty accidents in the home.  Make potty time a little play time or training time.  This special time encourages your pup to go out and do their business and not in the house.  

In the house potty =NO play time, outside potty = F.U.N.

Take a walk in the snow and rain!  Prepare yourself to stay warm and dry.  Slip a little jacket on your pooch if you must… but get out there!  Not only is it good exercise for you but also your dog.  Humans and dogs run parallel now with the obesity percentage = 50%+ YIKES!!!!

Wear proper shoes to avoid slippage, walk on the safe streets when you find that sidewalks are not shoveled.  You don’t have to walk a marathon, but experience this time with your dog and talk to them while you walk and not on a cell phone!

I like Nike’s slogan – JUST DO IT!

And for those of you who just can’t – there is always Heide’s Pet Care, to help using my in-home doggie care to take your dog for the walk he deserves or enrolling your dog in my Doggie Day Care which gets your dog outside as part of the doggie day care program.

Curious as to how Heide’s Pet Care solutions will work for you? Contact me (Heide Maxwell) for more information or scheduling.