5 Top Dog Training Toys guaranteed to get dogs excited!

Purple BallNot long ago, I discussed my favorite toys from Katzenbarker’s. Now I would like to discuss my favorite toys at Marathon Town & Country.

I use all of these toys when training the dogs and cats in Heide’s Pet Care in-home pet care programs, at my doggie day care, and with the pets in my Wausau kennel-like facility that I like to call my Doggie Bed & Breakfast.

Heide’s Pet Care Picks of Favorite Doggie Toys at Marathon Town & Country

1.  Purple Ball – It is the size of a grapefruit with triangles indented so that dogs can sink their teeth into it but not damage it.   It also squeaks and is very durable!!!  It bounces but not real high so it is safe indoors!


Darwin Frog2.  Darwin Frog squeaky toy – Just too cute


Chase & Chomp



3.  Chase-n-Chomp squeaky ball- comes in various sizes. It’s a ball inside of a ball.  Even though the squeak is gone, dogs love to just chomp on it because it is rubbery squishy.  It has a nice bounce to it too!


Loofa plush toy4.  Loofa Dog Plush Toy – looks like a Wiener dog and squeaks.  Great for tug-o-war!






Paw Hide

5.  Paw Hide dog games.  They are plastic and can easily be washed.  They come in different ranges of difficulty.



These are just a few – please share with me as to what some of your favorite toys are.

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