How to make your dog kennel experience a happy one for your dog

B&BWhen your dog is not happy at the dog kennel, it affects your ability to enjoy your time away from your dog. Many dog kennels are more of a caged experience for your dog than a personalized care away from home experience.

Why we don’t call it a dog kennel

At Heide’s Pet Care in the Wausau, Wisconsin area, we do it different! When we built our new facility, we could have called it a dog kennel much like others in the area. From a Google perspective, that probably would have made much sense because people search for dog kennels. But because we want to differentiate the experience that your dog will have at our facility, we branded our dog kennel as a dog’s bed and breakfast!

Your dog may stay in a dog kennel like facility but the care given to him or her is the polar opposite of that kind of care. We don’t throw your dog in a cage and throw some food at him once a day.

The Dog Bed & Breakfast Experience

Instead at the dog bed and breakfast, dogs are given personalized care and training just as if they were our own pets.

The dogs are smiling because they are enjoying their stay. Well fed and cared for throughout the stay, dogs who stay at Heide’s Pet Care Bed and Breakfast enjoy coming back.

Our large wooded lot allows the dogs to enjoy being walked outside in a natural setting. They enjoy playing with the many types of toys we have available for dog training and exercise.

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