Learn the Secret to successful dog training and pet care

Come to Ace Hardware In Schofield, Wisconsin for a Pet Presentation on March 23, 10-12pm.

Dr. Caitlin Savagian, a veterinarian from Rockwood Hospital For Pets, a FROMM pet food representative and myself (Heide Maxwell from Heide’s Pet Care) will be present to discuss pet behaviors and training, pet diseases/illness and support.

FROMM pet foods that are manufactured in Wisconsin!

Bring your questions on how to better care for your dogs and cats.

  • Learn how nutrition plays a key part in your pets’ overall health.
  • Learn tricks in how to get your dog excited in his dog training by using simple toys and the secret ingredient (time).
  • Find out about diseases and illnesses that your pet may be prone to have and what you can do about it.
  • Learn when it is time to call the vet.

Hope you can make it!

Curious as to how Heide’s Pet Care solutions will work for you? Contact me for more information or scheduling.