The secrets of care for your long-haired Kitty from a professional groomer

These tidbits on how to take care of your long-haired kitty are from Cory Guss, an International Society of Canine Cosmetologists (ISCC) trained professional.

What is International Society of Canine Cosmetologists?

To help you understand Cory’s credentials: the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists (ISCC) is a for-profit service oriented organization designed for the continuing education and advancement of professional pet stylists. Dedicated to providing essential communication, networking, continuing education and certification services, ISCC provides a balanced and varied program of activities at the local, regional and national level to keep the professionals on top of the latest trends, innovations and issues facing the industry.

Cory says ISCC holds the highest standards and is the best educational resource in the country. She has 12 years experience as a Professional Dog & Cat Groomer specializing in scissor finishing. Cory owns Professional Pet Styling and you can reach her at 715-675-9246.

What to do about your cat’s matted coat?

Cory says she has seen too many cats whose coats have become so matted due to lack of proper and frequent brushing.

Cat’s skins are not as tough and thick as dogs.  Cat skin tears very easily and they bleed.  If not handled correctly, stitches may also be necessary.

  1. Her recommended shampoo, conditioner along with a good anti-static/ de-tangler that she uses on Cats and Dogs is “Coat Handler”.
  2. She only accepts cats whose coats have a few mats and makes a very strong recommendation that if your kitty has a lot of narly mats, to take them to your veterinarian and more than likely have them sedated and shaved.
  3. Use a metal comb and brush daily if possible.

The more you brush them, the less likely they will mat and think about it = saves you money and you have a happier more handsome – or – prettier kitty!!

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We want you to have the best information and care for your furry friends!

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