How to use a Turtle to train your dog

Dogs on a Turtle is just one of the tasks the dogs learn at Heide’s Doggie Daycare.

Training to increase confidence, decrease reactivity, or increase attention span

Dogs who have low confidence, highly reactive or short attention span need to focus and think about tackling the task of walking up or down and sitting on a slope.  Is this a big deal?  Nope, not for you or me but for many dogs, this is a huge challenge!

When a dog finally accomplishes this task or the challenges of other pieces of equipment offering similar challenges, the rewards are huge!  When the fearful dog completes an entire routine = it is party time and they know it!

Enroll your dog now and witness the changes!!

August 2013 Dog Training Special!

If you have been putting off training for your dog, now is the time! Heide is offering a special in dog training in August.
► Call and find out the details at 715-571-1252 so you and your dog can enjoy each other even more. Heide’s training is fun for you and your dog.

► If you have behavior issues, training will improve it.

► If you have trouble walking your dog, training can conquer that problem.

► If you want your dog to improve in agility or cognitive behavior, Heide’s training covers it.
Just Call (715) 571-1252 to learn more and get on the schedule!