Why do dogs eat paper?

Dogs eat paper for the same reason that your dog may find your underwear, slippers, rocks, carpeting or whatever can fit in their mouth appealing.  Paper can be more available and they like the feel of ripping and swallowing something with ease as it fills their bellies full like food, just like the rest of the items above.

Oh yeah, plus watching the roll of toilet paper unwind = how fun!  Please keep in mind depending on the paper, there can be a lot of toxins that are health risks to your pet.  Remove the paper(s) from their view and reach.

Set up a system to track behavior

You need to be aware of when dogs eat paper or any other bad behavior.  Prepare a logbook.  You may find that it is when you are on the phone, leave for the yard, work, or errand without them, after correcting a different bad behavior.  Dogs do these things because they are bored, it is a routine habit that needs to be corrected immediately.

How to correct bad behavior

What you need to immediately do is a firm, “no” and give them something positive to do or give them their favorite toy, put a smile on your face, and be happy.  Remove their favorite toy after they are done with it and save it for later events.

Provide exercise or play alternatives

Dogs eat paper when they are bored. If you’ve not made them sweat with play or exercise yet, this is what you need to do! Dogs are not couch potatoes; dogs don’t watch TV all day. They don’t want to listen to you on the phone or hear the keys clicking on the computer.  Just ½ hour, sometimes twice a day is all that is necessary.

Dogs need physical and mental stimulation no matter what size, breed, or age. Call me and I will help you through this.

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