Training your dog one step at a time

Think about what your dog doesn’t like or likes to do. Is it:

  • Cross busy streets
  • Walk on a bridge
  • Like other dogs
  • Plastic bags
  • Water
  • “Stay”

These are just a few of the problems that I hear about from my clients. I always ask them to tell me what is the top issue of concern that they have with their dog so we can focus the training on one issue at a time.

How do you assist your dog to succeed?

For many of my clients either they need their dog to learn how to do something like “Stay” or accept the circumstance that makes them uncomfortable, such as walking on a bridge.

Try these proven steps to successful dog training:

  1. Introducing the challenge from far away.
  2. Approach very slowly or quickly (depends) and in short spurts.  Most people expect too much too quick and this leads to a frustrating event for all parties.
  3. Your confidence is critical! Your dog needs to feel your confidence.
  4. What happens on the top end of the leash, your voice, your walk/stance will determine what happens on the other end of the leash. As you translate your confidence in the training process  to your dog, you will see improved behavior.

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