Treating Multiple Family Dogs Individually

Just as people, dogs like individual attention.  When training a new dog, don’t include the others if you have multiple family dogs until time is right for the “distraction training.”  If you need to reinforce a positive behavior, don’t include the others until the one that needs it most understands and then slowly include the others.

Take your dogs on individual outings whether the dog park, store or hike.

If you have this sense of guilt leaving the others, relax.  Your parents did this with you and your siblings and you lived through it!!!  Life is not always fair and dogs do not know the difference of fairness.  THEY  UNDERSTAND  LEADERSHIP  AND  LOVE.  When you return from this outing and the others are waiting, reward them for their kind hellos, spend 5 minutes with them, and move on.

Managing multiple family dogs

The next time take the other and rotate.  Each dog wants to have a special moment with you alone or with partner.  If you are not doing this, your dog is missing out and you are missing out on the individuality of each dog = what a shame!  Can you imagine if you spent all your time with your brothers, sisters, mother and father = YIKES!

At daycare, I see so many rewards with individual personalities when the “other” is not present.  Little do so many humans understand how another dog can send, persuade, and control the other dog with what some may find harmless tactics.  “Oh, he’s been doing that forever!” Is that why your dog has lick spots, aggression, or destructive habits?  But, to a dog and in their language that one eye contact, shove or bark can hinder the other dog from having fun.  The confidence that they should have and exhibit goes right into the doggie bag.

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