Tips to Choose Your New Dog

When you are ready to choose your new dog in your family, there are many aspects that you need to consider. I have compiled a starter list for you to contemplate when thinking about a new dog in your family. As a dog trainer, I understand the multiple issues that a new dog brings even to a family that either already has pets or has had dogs in the past.

Choose Your New Dog – Determine how active you and your family members are.

At this time in your life how often do you…

  •     Run?
  •     Walk?
  •     Play in the Yard with Family?
  •     Yard Hobbies or Yard Work?
  •     Enjoy Socializing in the Yard or Outdoors Rather Than Indoors?
  •     Camping/Boating/Fishing?

1. A – Do you prefer or can not do any of the above?

1. B – Instead, do you…

  •     Watch a lot of T.V.?
  •     Play or Work on the Computer?
  •     Go Shopping?
  •     Prefer Indoor Activities or Hobbies Overall More Than Outdoor Ones?

2. What Are the Ages in The Family and How Many Children Are There?

3. How Old are You and Are You in Good Health?

4. Do You Live in a Home?

  •  Do You Own a Large Home or a Small One?
  •  Do You Have a Fenced Yard?
  •  Do You Have an Underground Fence?
  •  How Will I Secure My Dog on My Property?

5. Do You Live in an Apartment?

  •  What is the Policy for Pets?
  •  Does the Apartment Have a Play Area?
  •  Does it Have a Large Space, In/Outside?
  •  Do Your Neighbors Have Pets?

6. Can you stay home with your new dog for a minimum of three days when it first arrives and make a stop home during lunch or more times if need be during the first week?      Or can someone check on it a minimum of two times per day for its first week?

7. Where will your dog sleep the first month and then as it grows? Did you purchase a correct size crate for your dog to sleep in?

8. What training plan do you have in mind for your dog? *Begin no later than 3 months and select someone who is experienced.

9. What do you know about specific breeds of dogs? Unless necessary, do not omit reviewing all sizes as you may be surprised the temperament of dogs is based on the breed, its genetics, and puppy environment NOT just size.

My new service offers to help determine and select the right dog for you and your family.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at 715.571.1252.