Fireworks and Dogs – Not a Good Combination!

Why are fireworks and dogs not a good combination? Dogs hear sounds on a different frequency level than humans. That means they hear things that we don’t. They also can hear up to 10 times better too. Imagine, they can hear noises 80 ft. away but for a human that is only 20 feet away. So why would anyone think that the level of noise at a fireworks presentation is OK for their pet? Would you allow someone to yell in your ear…. No! Both scenarios hurt!

Dogs also don’t see color as we do. They are not colorblind but they see colors in hues, so the Ooooooh  Ahhhh factor is not even a wow factor for them. Here are some Dos and Don’ts for your dog on the 4th of July celebration to ensure their safety and make your celebration more enjoyable with or without your dog

Fireworks and Dogs → DON’T: 

  • Take your dog to the celebration (for the above reasons)
  • Leave your dog outside unattended. The 4th of July is one of the busiest times for dogcatchers picking up strays. Please remember that when dogs are in fear they either fight or flight. Or they may bark incessantly and your neighbors will not appreciate it. Be respectful.
  • Leave your dog in the car while you observe the fireworks display. You will have a very ugly mess in your vehicle.
  • Leave windows open exposing only to screens. Dogs do jump out of windows and through screened windows and doors.
  • If camping, someone needs to stay behind to ensure the dog does not bark or run away. Nobody wants a nuisance dog near them, be respectful.

Fireworks and Dogs → DO:

  • Hire a dog sitter if possible to ensure your dog has company and its safety is met
  • Crate or bed down your dog in a comfy room away from street noise, close the blinds and give it a Kong or favorite toy
  • Play classical music at a low volume, or keep television on
  • Provide a calming supplement
  • If you are the one that is having the festivities and you plan on a fireworks display, introduce your dog at a long distance from the noise. Consider taking them a minimum of 1-2 blocks away from your home. As the fireworks are taking place, walk very slowly and stopping intermittently to ensure your dog is comfortable before moving a step forward.

Have a Safe Holiday With Your Family and Pet!