How to choose the best leash for your dog


Good Stay, Girls!

What is the best leash for you and your dog, how do you know? The assortment of leashes is absolutely incredible ranging from different types of fabric, colors, length, retractable, and simple training rope.

What type of leash should I buy?

As a professional Dog Trainer, often people will ask me what is the best leash to buy. The factors to consider are control, safety for you and your dog along with comfort. Try the different lengths and consider how fast you walk along with the control you have with your dog. Go to a pet store where you can try before buy. Sometimes buying two different lengths might be good, one for a training walk and another for a more casual walk.

What is the best leash for your dog?

  • Chain leashes are great for those dogs who feel they need to have a chew while walking however they can get a bit heavy so get a lightweight chain.
  • Leathers are my favorite store bought leash; they are rugged and last a very long time.
  • Cloth is nice for a lightweight leash and if your pup has a matching stylish collar, both items can be washed when soiled.
  • My all-time favorite is what we use at daycare. It is a lightweight climbing rope or a horse rope fashioned with your choice of clasp and a loop for the hand to go through. You can have it cut to various lengths, you can drag them in the mud, wash when dirty, use and abuse them, they don’t tangle easy and many of ours have lasted for over 5 years. The rope comes in different colors too!

The leash that I will never endorse is the retractable.

It is not a training leash, you have a lot less control, they tangle easily and they DO NOT ALWAYS RETRACT!!!! I almost lost a small dog to a car and the other to an aggressive charging dog using two different retractables. Both leashes did not retract. On one occasion I received huge cuts on my hand from the rope trying to hang on and reel the dog in while the dog lunged ahead.

Your hand is not always grasping securely around the plastic handle especially large ones and if caught off guard by your dog quickly bolting away, you may not be  ready for the quick grip necessary to hang on to that handle, especially in winter when wearing softer gloves. Your dog is gone! The other leashes have loops for your wrist to go through the loop and wind around your hand for security making you ready for any quick surprises offering a more secure and controlled environment. Big dogs should NEVER be on a retractable.

For training, I prefer a training rope that also serves as a training collar.

It is a simple rope like leash that can be fashioned at home or purchased. I like the thinner ones for puppies, small, and medium sized dogs. No messing with a collar and quick for quickie outdoor potty times on a leash. If you watch any of Caesar’s shows he uses this type almost all of the time. But this is a training leash first and once your dog is trained for your proper speed of walk it can be relaxed around the neck. Ask me for guidance before using.

Please refer to my article on the web page: How To Walk Your Dog.

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