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Treating Multiple Family Dogs Individually

Just as people, dogs like individual attention.  When training a new dog, don’t include the others if you have multiple family dogs until time is right for the “distraction training.”  If you need to reinforce a positive behavior, don’t include the others until the one that needs it most understands and then slowly include the… Continue Reading

Why does my dog eat paper?

Dogs eat paper for the same reason that your dog may find your underwear, slippers, rocks, carpeting or whatever can fit in their mouth appealing.  Paper can be more available and they like the feel of ripping, and swallowing something with ease as it fills their bellies full like food, just like the rest of… Continue Reading

Learn the Secret to successful dog training and pet care

Come to Ace Hardware In Schofield, Wisconsin for a Pet Presentation on March 23, 10-12pm. Dr. Caitlin Savagian, a veterinarian from Rockwood Hospital For Pets, a FROMM pet food representative and myself (Heide Maxwell from Heide’s Pet Care) will be present to discuss pet behaviors and training, pet diseases/illness and support. FROMM pet foods that… Continue Reading