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Dogs love the care at Heide & Dave's Pet Care Doggie Day Care

Learning at Heide's Pet CareA Great Choice for Doggie Day Care

Are you looking for a safe place for your dog to stay while you are at work?

  • Does your dog need socialization with other dogs?
  • Are you wishing you could send your dog to school?
  • Do you want to change a behavior to make your dog more fun to be around?

Give Heide a call 715-571-1252 to discuss your dog’s issues and determine if they would benefit from the Doggie Day Care program at Heide’s Pet Care.

The benefits of Heide’s Pet Care Doggie Day Care

  • Smaller groups offering individual attention for your dog to help with dog training
  • Mind and physical games as part of dog training
  • Walks/hikes on large property

Does your dog need to learn how to play with others?

At Heide’s Pet Care Doggie Day Care, we are happy to provide a safe environment to:

  • Learn social skills and manners
  • Controlled group play for dogs
  • In house visitation
  • Naptime for dogs

HeDoes your dog need to learn how to play with others?ide’s Pet Care Doggie Day Care Hours: 

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and every other Friday: 7am-6pm

5407 Westfair Avenue, Suite 1, Schofield, WI  54476

Drop off times: 7:00am to 8:30am

Pick up times: 2:30pm to 6:00pm


⇒ Obedience and good manners training

Small personal classes.

⇒ Prep Classes for Therapy Dog training

Are you looking to get your dog ready for Therapy Dog Training? Must have taken obedience classes.

Call to sign up

Please call Heide, 715.571.1252. If I am unable to answer, I am busy working with the dogs, please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.


Amy’s Animal Massage & Reiki

Amy Thorstenson, Certified Small Animal Massage Therapist

Now serving: Heide & Dave Pet Care
Thursdays: Starting May 3rd
Contact Amy to make your appointment!
715-457-2458 (cell) 715.573.1268

Promo Special! Amy's Animal Massage & Reiki
Exclusive discounts to Heide & Dave Pet Care customers:

✅ $10 off your 1st 1-hr session
✅ $20 off your Starter Package (3 session package)
See brochure for regular pricing schedule.
Benefits of massage & Reiki
✅ Pain reduction / endorphin release
✅ Increased flexibility and muscle efficiency
✅ Stress or anxiety reduction / relaxation
✅ Improved body awareness
✅ Emotional balancing / calming
✅ Reduced injury / surgery recovery time

The dogs napping after a hard day at Heide’s Pet Care Doggie Day Care

 Heide’s Pet Care Boarding opportunities

Heide's Pet Care PlaygroundYou can combine Doggie Day Care with Heide’s Pet Care doggie bed & breakfast option rather than finding another dog kennel if you have a commitment that makes you unavailable when the day is done.

Curious as to how Heide’s Pet Care solutions will work for you and your dog? Contact me for more information and schedules or call 715-571-1252