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Dog Training

Dog Owners discover how your dog can be trained correctly so you can enjoy him more!

Dog Training

Doggies can learn Good Manners and have fun at H.R.Max, Heide and Dave’s Petcare.

My classes are tailored to your dogs capabilities and are small. You and your dog receive lots of attention!!

6 classes, please call at 715.571.1252.

Dog Training Doggies can learn Good Manners and have fun

Therapy Dog International Testing

5407 Westfair Ave,Schofield, 54476.

If your dog has passed good citizenship class in conjunction with another obedience class, please consider this event.

Call if you have questions or to reserve a spot in the October Dog Training, 715.571.1252.
Sign Up in Advance.

Check out the TDI web site for more details.

If I am unable to answer, I am busy working with the dogs, please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.

Call to sign up for obedience and good manners training! Small personal classes.

You probably have discovered that dog training is an integral part of pet care and we specialize in it at Heide’s Pet Care.

► Call Heide Maxwell and find out the details at 715-571-1252 so you and your dog can enjoy each other even more. Heide’s training is fun for you and your dog.

► DO you have behavior issues? Dog training will improve it.

► Trouble walking your dog? Heide and Dave’s Pet Care dog training can conquer that problem.

► Want your dog to improve in agility or cognitive behavior, Heide’s training covers it.

Just Call (715) 571-1252 to learn more and get on the schedule!

Every dog needs dog training

Even if you never plan to use your dog for specialized activities like pet therapy, your dog or puppy will benefit from dog training.

If your dog or puppy is giving you behavioral problems like chewing or barking, you will appreciate the dog training at the Wausau area Heide’s Pet Care that much more!

What kinds of dog training or puppy training does Heide’s Pet Care offer?

The specialized dog training at Heide’s Pet Care includes:

Puppy and dog manners training using human and dog-friendly techniques.

Physical and mentally challenging exercises.

Low-impact agility activities.

dog training tipsDog training won’t work for my dog

  • Perhaps you are frustrated by trying to train your dog or puppy based on what you read in a book or saw online.
  • You may even have worked with another dog trainer without successful results.
  • Heide and Dave’s Pet Care dog training doesn’t feel like training to your pet.
  • They think they are playing and really, they are.

What Dog Training tools does Heide’s Pet Care use?

When I work with your dog or puppy I use many different dog training tools.

puppy trainingSome are so common you will wonder why I use them at all but pets don’t need fancy dog training toys to be motivated.

I use creative items to create simple games at Heide’s Pet Care in the Wausau area.

A few carefully hidden small treats and your dog or cat will be challenged to use his thinking skills to figure out how to get them.

Your dog or cat is not unlike a child.

They get bored easily and a bored puppy or dog will do things that you don’t want them to do.

  • If your puppy or dog likes to chew, if not trained and not given the right kind of chew toys for their particular type of chewing, they will eat up your favorite shoes!
  • For some dogs, you may need toys made for the destructive chewer.

To solve these problems, call me (Heide Maxwell with Heide’s Pet Care) at 715-571-1252. When I meet your dog (or cat) for the first time, I will speak with you to learn your concerns and then interact with your pet to see how he or she works with me.

dog resultsCurious as to how Heide’s Pet Care and dog training solutions will work for you? Contact me for more information and schedules.